Sheep & Goats

I was reading Jesus teaching about judgement day in Matthew 25:31-46. He tells of this scenario when upon His return he'll divide all the people into two categories, left and right, like a shepherd does his sheep and goats.

The sheep will be declared "blessed" and be given the Kingdom. Jesus says the reason for this is because they fed Him, clothed Him, sheltered Him, visited Him, etc... The sheep ask how that's possible and Jesus says whenever you've done it to someone who was ignored or overlooked, you did it to me.

On the flip side, the goats get damnation because they never assisted anyone in need, and therefore ignored and overlooked Jesus.

Here's the thing I was thinking today. Jesus has this opportunity to explain Judgement Day and who will go to heaven or hell. And he makes the deciding factor compassion for the "least of these." He didn't say that the sheep were those who went to the alter and placed their faith in Him and said the sinners prayer after someone exlplained the four spiritual laws to them. He makes the deciding factor whether or not we live a life of compassion.

I'm not suggesting we change our theology on salvation, but it is interesting! I wonder if our view of grace is too narrow?

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deaconfish said...

I think I know what you are saying. Explain more.