Re: Perfect Church?

I just got back from a great small group meeting. Our topic tonight was discipleship and it got me to thinking about my "Perfect Church?" post several days ago. I stated that the church was failing miserably at discipleship. It occurred to me tonight that Jesus never called us to go make "Christians". He called us to go make disciples. Churches never measure number of disciples, only number of Christians. What's the difference? The difference is, "Christian", in our way of thinking, indicates someone who made a decision (a moment in time). "Disciple" indicates someone who is on a journey, actively following Christ. Alot of churches now are starting to steer away from the term Christian, and instead use the term Christ-follower. I like that. It's active - as our faith should be. Something like 85-90% of Americans, when polled, indicate that they are Christians. I guarantee the number would be much lower if they were asked if they were Christ-followers or disciples of Jesus Christ.

By the way, my small group rocks! We meet at this ultra-cool coffee house called Churchill's. Great food, great beverages, great discussion!

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deaconfish said...

I like not being labeled as a Christian. That does put finality to it. I am a follower of Christ. I have often thought that if someone asked me if I were a Christian I could tell them,"I do not know,but I do know this: I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart."