Genesis 47

As you read Genesis 47, you can tell a few things about Joseph.
--He loved his family and wanted to provide for their needs.
--He worked hard and shrewdly for Pharoah.
--He took pride in his work and in increasing Pharoah's influence/wealth.

I'm a firm believer that as an employee of a company, one of your primary roles is to work in a way that pleases your employer, that seeks the best interest of your employer, and that increases the influence/wealth of your employer. I believe this is God-honoring work.

Too many people go to work and are solely concerned with their own egos, wealth, and agenda. But I believe a Christian employee needs to ask themselves, "Is this company stronger because of my presence and the work that I do?" Too often Christian employees become sidetracked with "being a Christian witness" at work and don't do the work they were actually hired to do. Don't get me wrong--I'm not suggesting you check your Christianity at the door when you go to work. However, I am suggesting that the manner in which you perform your duties at work are just as much a part of your Christian witness as anything you might say. Christians should work for their employers in a way that glorifies God and betters the company.

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