Genesis 31-36

Sorry my updates have been so sporadic. I should be able to update daily for the remainder of the study.

Lots of interesting stories in these two chapters, but my personal favorites are the reconciliation of Jacob and Esau and Jacob wrestling with God.

I love that Jacob wrestles with God and God lets him win. I'm not really sure what that means, but it sounds like something our God would do. I think it's possibly a demonstration of the fact that God allows us to wrestle with our faith as much as we need to. However, all faith eventually requires a leap of faith. Maybe the quicker you can make that leap of faith, the chances will be smaller that you'll walk away with a limp!

The thing I like about the Jacob/Esau story is that it ends in love and forgiveness. I wonder if there are any of you that could stand to humble yourselves and approach a sibling and seek reconciliation? I honestly think one of the saddest things in the world is when siblings part ways. My brothers are seriously my best friends in the world and we have intentionally made the decision to never allow things to come between us. Even if it means accepting some faults or allowing some things to not resolve the way we think they should. That relationship is just too valuable to allow ego to get in the way. I realize circumstances can strain these relationships, but is God possibly nudging you to forgive a sibling? Don't allow pride to keep you from one of life's greatest blessings--brothers and sisters!

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