Great Weekend

Well it's 2am and I'm getting ready to go to bed, but I wanted to post about my great weekend before I hit it. I took 13 teens to St. Louis to the Dare2Share Conference. It was really good. We had a good time and it was kind of a last hurrah with the youth group before moving to California.

My 9-yr-old boy, Isaiah, preached his first sermon today in KidzChurch. He was really excited about it and had studied hard. I was proud of him. Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear it (which totally breaks my heart). I was busy rehearsing with the worship band and forgot to tell the KidzChurch leader to come get me before he spoke. I heard he did a great job and preaches a little like his Dad (a little long-winded). Isaiah has been saying for a few years that he wants to be a pastor when he's older. I try not to push him in any direction, but encourage all of his interests. I'm really super-proud of him! This is actually not his first sermon. He's preached a couple at school during show and tell. One time he actually gave an invitation after show and tell (which totally cracks me up - just because I think it's so awesome).

The other great thing about today was I had the honor of baptizing 6 kids and teens today. Britney in the first service. BJ and Acena in the second service. And Elizabeth, Alyssa, and Katrina at our "Bridge" Worship Service this evening. Yep, I had to get wet three times! I loved it and it was an awesome way to cap off a great ministry here in Lebanon, MO. The church had a farewell reception for us tonight, too. Lots of well-wishes and they presented us this cool picture to hang in the house to remember them by. We're really going to miss everybody!

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