Big Announcement

Many of you who read this already know, but I can really make it public knowledge now. I have resigned my position as Youth Pastor at First Church and have accepted the Senior Pastor position for the Living Hope Church in Dixon, CA. While we are sad to leave Lebanon, we are very excited about what God is doing in Dixon.

I started talking to the elders at Living Hope towards the end of September and it has been quite a process of taking it slow to make sure this was the right decision for them and for my family. Lots of prayer together, fasting together, long conversations, trips, and interviews. I have to say, though, from my very first contact with Living Hope, I told Jamie that this just feels like a church tailor-made for us. When Jamie got into the conversation, she felt exactly the same way. Living Hope is a young Evangelical Free church (about 6 years old). They are also young age-wise. They are a self-supporting church (average attendance 80-110), but they are not yet property owners. Sunday morning worship takes place in an elementary school gymnatorium. They also rent a space for teens and offices. I love that they're not tied to anything physical - there's a very real sense of Living Hope Church being people - not buildings. Dixon is a smallish town of about 18,000 (near Sacramento), but it's sandwiched between two larger towns. There are only 7 evangelical churches in Dixon, none of which seem to be averaging more than 150. So it really is a mission field. Everybody involved just feels like Living Hope is on the brink of something great. It's a very exciting church to be in right now!

This is obviously a big step for us. I kind of always thought I would retire as the oldest living youth pastor. But over the last year or so I began to feel God transitioning my heart out of youth ministry and giving me a heart for pastoring. I really have a sense of calling with this move. The only other thing in my life that I've felt that with was my decision to preach. All the other positions I've accepted, were because they made sense or there was sort of a sense of God opening a door. But with Living Hope, I really feel like all roads in my life have led here. I can look back on all my former experiences and see how they've prepared me for this.

My last Sunday at First Church will be 2/17 and then we'll start the trek to California later that week. Please pray for us as we pack and search for a house.


Beggar said...

Coming from a Living Hope brother, we are delighted to welcome Jeff and Jamie into the family of our local church

I trust that will bless his ministry here with us just as he has there in Lebanon.

I pray that God has already lined up the next man to step into your church and build upon what Jeff has already done.

If you're ever in our part of Cali, please stop by and worship with us.


Anonymous said...

It'll suck not see you guys as often as we do now, but it's cool this is happening for you guys.

Oh, and "gymnatorium" may be the most hilarious word I've ever read.

- Josh

Anonymous said...

I have a lumb in my throat as I read this "official" announcement. But, Jeff, you know we are excited for you guys. and I concur with Josh, it will suck. Oops, can your mom say that? Living Hope is getting a BIG "package" in many ways. I know God has many exciting years ahead for you there. See you very soon. Mom

Anonymous said...

OMG - that's funny! I had the exact same thought as Josh did when I read that word, gymatorium. Who made that one up?

As for Dixon... can't wait! I can already see God blessing them and am excited to be a part of it.


Katy said...

gosh Jeff...
i know that God is calling you out to Cali, and i know that this is a wonderful opportunity for you guys...

but we. (the KKK and the rest of the youth group, im sure) are going to miss you soo much. We feel like everyone is leaving us (first Jay and Naomi, now you guys) but i know all of this is for the best. you are an amazing speaker, preacher, and leader and you deserve so much more than just leading us teens here at First Church.
its all i can do not to cry as i type this. i really am gonna miss you guys. i keep thinking "Dare2Share is the last trip we'll ever take with you..." and "Panama was the last mission trip..." but anyway...
I just wanted to let you know that we really do appreciate all that you've done for our youth group, and that we'll never forget you.
Peace and Love...

Jeff Myers said...

Thanks, Katy. I'll miss you guys too. And for everyone else, the KKK is Katy, Katie, and Karlee's name for themselves.

I just dont want anyone thinking I'm leading a hooded youth group.


Jacob said...

Best of luck, Jeff and fam!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new position!!! You will be sorely missed in Lebanon. I've appreciated your friendship (even though we didn't necessarily "hang" out) We'll be praying for the church here as they transition, and will be praying for your new assignment as well. Much love from the Dickerson's, Shaun and Tammy!