Tough Week (But Good)

This is been one of the toughest weeks for me personally that I've had in a long time. Nothing major, but I've had to listen to a few caring brothers give me some tough words. The sort of advice/butt-chewing that you need occasionally in life to get you back on course. I'm grateful for friends who come to me in genuine love and concern and make the uncomfortable step of telling a friend words he needs to hear, even if he didn't want to hear them.

Unfortunately, most of the people in my life (or your life) would never do this for you. It's much easier to talk about a person behind their back than to confront them about things face to face. I don't think I'll ever get over how many cowardly, back-stabbing "men of God" there are in the world.

Anyway, thanks to the few, brave souls who will do the hard thing to keep one of God's children from self-destructing.

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