Grandma Teague

We just returned from Wichita, KS. We were attending my Grandma's funeral. She had been ailing for quite some time, so it wasn't unexpected or anything. It was a very quick trip - we were there less than 24 hours. It was great seeing everybody, though. My favorite cousins, Stacy & Raina, are on that side of the family. I hadn't seen them in 7 or 8 years. Seeing them and everybody else really made me miss Wichita.

We moved to Wichita my senior year of high school. That's where I graduated and where I would come home to in college. Even though I only spent a couple of years there, I really loved it there. I made friends quickly in high school, loved the river and downtown area, and enjoyed being closer to that side of my family. I've always thought I'd like to move back there some day and start a church, but God has always had other things in store.

I didn't expect to be as emotional this week as I was. The whole thing made me feel very nostalgic. My Grandma Teague always went all out at Christmas - lots of decorations, food, and presents. When we drove up to the house, my mom and Aunt Char had it all beautifully decorated. I wasn't expecting that, but I was so glad they did it. In fact, it was the most decorated house on the street. From the outside, you'd never know there was mourning going on. My Grandpa Teague died a few years ago while we were living in San Francisco. We couldn't afford the plane tickets so I had to miss his funeral. I had never really dealt with his loss, so for me this week was sort of like a double funeral. I miss them both and wish I would have made it more of priority to keep in touch with them. I need to do that with the grandparents I still have living.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

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