Please take some time right now to pray for Stephen and Tamara Batta. They have been attending Living Hope for several weeks now. Tomorrow morning (Monday) Tamara will be going in to UCSF for a major brain surgery to remove a large mass in the center of her brain. The surgery is quite complex and risky and should take at least 6 hours. They are obviously nervous and unsure about the whole thing.

Please pray:
--that God would supernaturally heal Tamara if it's in His will.
--that God would guide the hands of the surgeons.
--that the Battas would feel comfort and peace throughout this process.
--that their son Bryce would not be too scared about his mom's surgery.
--for the healing process to be quick.

Thank you all for interceding on behalf of the Battas!
Go With God!!!

6/22 - 5:30 pm
Tamara is finally out of surgery. It took quite a bit longer than expected. The doctor said he was able to remove most of the mass, if not all of it. She's not out of the woods yet, though. They'll be watching her very closely in ICU for the next several days. However, the doctor felt like the surgery went as well as could be hoped for. Please continue praying for the Battas! Thanks.

6/26 - 9:30 am
Just got a call from Tamara with good news. The mass was not cancerous, so radiation will not be necessary. Also, her recovery has gone so well that she gets to come home today! Thanks for the prayers everyone!


Anonymous said...

I think I met them Saturday night. Sending prayers !!!! Steph

Jeremy White said...

Jeff, thanks for posting this. I prayed for the Battas and am trusting God for His grace and healing....

Anonymous said...

We will pray as we do for all things "brain" related!! So close and dear to our heart!!!
Charlene & Roger