I've Got Olympic Fever

It's true. I'm totally obsessed with the Olympics right now. It started last Friday night with the opening ceremony. If you missed it, you missed one of the most incredible live spectacles I've ever seen. Over 15,000 live performers. The artistry and precision of thousands synchronized in movement together was jaw-dropping.

I'm loving the whole Beijing setting, too. The venues look spectacular and the Chinese people have done a great job hosting so far. I REALLY wish I could be there!

But I'm really impressed with our athletes this year. The 4x100 IM Swimming Relay 2 nights ago was one of the greatest moments in sports history in my opinion. The way our guys were able to come from so far behind and win it only by .08th of second. I have that moment saved on the DVR and I've watched it at least a dozen times. Michael Phelps' reaction is priceless. And last night our men's gymnasts were incredible, too.

Anyway, I'm loving it and I'm glad there's still a couple of weeks of competition left. I think the Olympics is kind of like a "chick flick" for guys. You can't help but get emotional.

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Anonymous said...

The 4x100 IM was awesome. One of the most exciting sports happenings in a long time.

I'm so pullin' for Phelps to get his Great 8, especially after hearing the comments from the Thorpedo that he'd never make it.

Phelps and Dara Torres are the "feel good" stories of the games.

The NOT feel good stories are those many believers who are so terribly persecuted for their faith by the totalitarian government of Communist China.