I'm excited about the new sermon series I'm starting this next week. It's a 3-week series called "CONNECT". We'll be discussing how important we all are to each other. I always say that Christianity is not a solo sport - it's a team sport that requires individual discipline. The series will go like this:

Week 1 - Your People-Shaped Hole (Genesis 1-2). There's a void in your life that even God will not fill.
Week 2 - A Cord of Three Strands (Ecclesiastes 4). We are stronger together than we are alone.
Week 3 - The Church That Prays Together... (1 Thessalonians 5). The power of a praying church.

We're using this series in conjunction with the launch of our small groups. This is something that has been severely lacking at Living Hope. I think we have a pretty strong Sunday Worship Gathering (although there's still tons of room for improvement), but we have a gaping hole in the area of connecting with each other on a more intimate level.

I love small groups. I love the interaction. I love doing life together with a handful of families. I love the encouragement and hard questions that come out in small groups. I hope that over the next couple of years Living Hope goes through a major metamorphosis in this area. It's my hope that we get to a point that people eventually view small groups as the primary/core meeting of our church and our Worship Gathering as a place where they can worship in a larger setting and get their spiritual batteries recharged.

I can't wait to see what God does with and through small groups at Living Hope!

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