Live at Radio City - Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

I downloaded a great album last week - Live at Radio City: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds. One of my other all-time favorite, most-listened-to albums is Live at Luther College: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds. I think this one might be better.

The Dave Matthews Band is one of my favorite bands, but I have to be honest - I think that Dave sounds best when he is just playing acoustic with Tim. The two of them together is seriously magic. Live at Radio City (2 discs worth of music) is an incredible listening experience. I had listened to it a few times already, but last night I listened to it through my earphones when I went to bed. It was so good, I couldn't go to sleep. The earphones really bring out the stereo mix well. All Tim's guitar playing is left ear and Dave's is all right ear. You really get a better sense of what they're each contributing and how talented they really are. I especially enjoyed Bartender, Gravedigger, Eh Hee, Don't Drink the Water, Cornbread, and Grace is Gone.

Here are some YouTube clips from the concert you can check out. The embedding was disabled, so I couldn't put them on my blog, but here are the links:
So there it is - my first recommendation for your listening pleasure of 2008 is Live at Radio City: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds. Enjoy!


Travis Penn said...

I stumbled on to your blog last night. Good stuff. Hope all you guys are doing well.

What kind of headphones do you have? I got some Koss Portapro's for Christmas and I really like them.

I'll be checking out the Album. Tell Joe I said hello.

Travis Penn

Jeff Myers said...

I use Creative's Aurvana In-Ear Headphones. I like them alot. good to hear from you.