Ben Stein's Expelled

I saw an ad for Expelled while we were at the Catalyst Conference last Fall. I thought it was an ad for a dumb reality show or something. Turns our it's a serious documentary about how reason, scientific method, and free speech has been expelled from academic and scientific circles if you try to bring God or intellegent design into the conversation. It releases next month. After seeing this extended trailer, I can't wait to see it!

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Eric said...

Very interesting. I'd not heard of this and look forward to seeing it. As someone who is more or less an evolutionist, I do believe the scientific community is often (not always) wrong in its out-of-hand dismissal of any attempt to define the origin of life outside purely "naturalistic" terms.

Likewise, the Intelligent Design and creationist communities often (not always) get a bit overzeoulous in insisting that all their claims are deserving of equal consideration and equal scientific merit.

Bottom line though, in science, nobody should ever be persecuted simply for looking towards answers that challenge the majority view, and Ben Stein is right to call them out on it regardless of one's personal beliefs.