Flatfoot 56

Totally by chance, I heard one of the best albums I've heard in a very long time. The band is Flatfoot 56 and the album is "Jungle of the Midwest Sea". Flatfoot 56 is a hard-driving Christian celtic punk rock band based in Chicago. You can check them out here on their Myspace page. They've definitely got a great punk sound, but they masterfully mix in bagpipes, mandolin, and accordion to create a super-cool adrenaline-raising sound. I especially love the manly chorus in the background giving the "OI, OI, OI..." shout-outs. I've had their CD sitting on my desk for several weeks and hadn't listened to it. I got it in the mail through this youth pastor Christian music subscription service called Interlinc. I had to drive to Springfield yesterday and grabbed a couple of CDs to listen to on the way. I was totally blown away by these guys. I ended up listening to it like 4 times. Seriously, if you're tired of listening to 24-hour Tomlin on Christian radio, you need to pick up this album. Good stuff!

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