Monday is for Sabbath

Well, after reading the Peterson book I reviewed earlier, I've decided to take the Sabbath principle more seriously in my own life. Since my "day off" is Monday, this is when I will try to observe my Sabbath whenever possible. Today was great! I spent some quality time with God, praying and reading. I hung out with some friends, practiced a little guitar, played some basketball, and squeezed in a little family time. It was a truly refreshing day. In my prayer-time God really spoke to me about getting back into the habit of doing family devotions with Jamie and the kids. So I guess I'll start that back up too. That's the annoying thing about actually listening to God - He's always got stuff for you to do!


Michael Ent said...

Thanks for the reminder! I've done well to make Monday a real 'day off'. Usually it's just me and Abby hanging out since Kristi's teaching piano. It sucks not getting to spend it with her. Abby and I go on walks, bike rides, and of course nap time is my favorite. With Good Friday and Easter coming up I've broken my rule and done quite a bit on the clock. This is the first Monday in a while that I've worked. It will be interesting to see just how productive this week really is.

Jeff Myers said...

Yeah, I have been busy getting ready for Easter too. I'll get back on track after this weekend.