Communicating for a Change

I just finished a great book by Andy Stanley and Lane Jones titled Communicating for a Change. It's a follow-up to another church leadership book they wrote together called 7 Practices of Effective Ministry that was also quite excellent. Communicating for a Change is Andy basically revealing what he goes through to craft a sermon. I don't know if you've ever heard Andy preach, but he's pretty awesome. Every preacher should read this book. I don't believe Andy's way is the only way to preach a sermon, but it is a very good one. He focuses on 1)only preaching one point, 2)an easy to remember formula for constructing your sermon that he calls ME-WE-GOD-YOU-WE, 3)committing most of your sermon to memory, and 4)engaging your audience. There are actually 7 principles in this book, but that's the biggest gist of it. Oh, by the way, both of these books are laid out in a very readable format in which the authors tell a fictional story of a pastor being taught these principles from some unlikely sources (in 7 Practices... it's a pro baseball team owner and in Communicating... it's a truck driver). After the fictional narrative, Andy goes into more detail on the principles. This is definitely a worth-while read that I know I will benefit from!

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