New Storm Coming

We are still continuing our disaster relief efforts here in Lebanon, MO. There are still thousands of people without power. We don't have power restored at our house, but we are operating with a generator - so we're OK. There are still 500-600 people living in shelters in Lebanon. Our church ladies have been awesome. We've been cooking about 300 meals a day for the Red Cross. The guys have been busy clearing downed branches and trees for people and hooking up generators. We're looking at the possibility of having a worship service tomorrow at the Civic Center for all those who are sheltered there.

Thanks to my friend, Jay Burns, who brought me a great souvenir from all of this last night -- beer water! I have my very own can of Anheuser Busch Disaster Relief Drinking Water. Jay's on staff at KJEL and they have done a fantastic job of keeping the community informed through this ordeal.
Pray for us, though, there's a new storm coming in today. More ice and up to 6 inches of snow. As great as everyone in the town has been, people are really on edge. We had a murder night before last. This is unheard of in Lebanon. It escalated from a domestic dispute. The jails are completely full, partly because people with outstanding warrants are actually turning themselves in so they have a warm place to stay and a hot meal!

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