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Last night Jamie and I finished watching Season 2 of LOST on DVD. We didn't see any of the episodes during the regular season so we've been stoked watching them on DVD since they released a couple of weeks ago. LOST IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no greater show on TV! The list of best shows on TV goes like this:
2. The Sopranos (even though I realize it's a very foul show, I have this need to feed my inner gangster)
3. Dog the Bounty Hunter (only because I too long for the day when I can put boot some guy's back before I tell him about Jesus)
4. Everything else...

The new season starts Wednesday and I can't wait. If you've never watched this show, buy or rent the DVDs and get busy. It's incredible. I said it last year and I'll say it again. Hurley is one of the best characters on TV and if they ever kill him off, I'll probably never watch the show again. Long live Hurley!

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