Greatest Game Ever!

I don't know why I haven't blogged about this yet, because I think about it all the time. Our friends, Micah & Becky Derby, recently introduced us to a board game that I must recommend to everyone. The game is called Settlers of Catan and it's freakin' awesome! It's a stategy game that is highly addictive.

Before I go any farther, let me say (in case you don't know), I pretty much hate playing games. Whenever people are together and someone says, "Hey, let's play a game!" and everybody else says "Yeah, let's play!", I pretty much want to shoot myself in the head (actually I want to shoot all of them in the head so they'll shut up and I can watch TV). But the Derbys have introduced us to two great games that hail from Germany (evidently the Germans love games). The first was a card game called Bohnanza where you trade beans. Sounds silly, but I really enjoyed it. The second was Settlers of Catan and it blew me away! I want to play it all the time. I finally ordered my own tonight off of Amazon.

Settlers of Catan allows 3-4 people to play and there is an expansion you can buy that will allow up to 6 to play. There are also add-ons such as Seafarers of Catan and Cities and Knights of Catan that make the game more complicated and interesting. Anyway, everyone needs to check it out. It's a great game!

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