Remodeling the Temple

I wanted to give an update to my Demons & Donuts post from several weeks ago. I became convicted that my poor health, over-eating, and lack of exercise were at it's core a spiritual issue for me. I really believe this is not just a temptation, but an attempt by the enemy to cut my ministry short.

So here's the update. In 4 weeks, I've made 3 changes. 1) I'm seriously monitoring my carb intake. This is not an Atkin's thing. It's a necessity thing because of my type-2 diabetes. 2)I've been walking with my buddy L.C. about 3 times a week and riding my bike to work once or twice a week. 3) I've put a halt to the late night snacks/meals.

The result is that for the first time since I was diagnosed diabetic I've had some normal blood sugar readings. I also had a blood pressure check today and that was normal. And I've lost about 15 lbs. This is the first time that weight loss hasn't really been my goal. My focus has been almost totally on improving my health. I feel more focused than in the past.

Thanks to Jamie for encouraging me and the menu adjustments. Thanks to L.C. for holding me accountable and the encouragement. And thanks to so many of you that have told me you've been praying for me. I'm literally just getting started and have a long way to go. I'd appreciate your continued prayers.

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That is awesome!