Goodbye Cruel World

After considerable thought, I've decided that this will be my last blog post. I just can't devote the time to it that I used to. If I can't do it well then I'd rather not do it.

Lately I've found that Twitter is a more concise/quick way to communicate, and Facebook keeps me in touch with tons of old (and current) friends. Plus, it seems that they're pretty much taking over the world.

I want to thank all of you who have visited regularly for reading and allowing me to figure things out or vent in a public way. I've thoroughly enjoyed the blog experience. Please stay in touch by following my twitter feed (pastorjeffmyers) or friend me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/pastorjeffmyers).

I might return to it someday, but for now I need to focus on other things and scale down my social networking. In fact, my Facebooking is going to scale back quite a bit as well. This page will stay up but this will be my last post.

Go With God!!!



Joe Wilson said...

This is a sad day indeed. Although I understand your reasons and am proud of you for making such huge decisions. Fortunately, I will still get your tweets and keep in touch through facebook!

Anonymous said...

Another sad victim of the microwave culture. A sad day indeed when a blog requires too much depth out of you. Left the blog behind...what next...will you start reading from something besides the KJV. ...heathen... :)


DeadMule said...

Good-bye Jeff. I've enjoyed reading your blog. All the Best, Helen Losse

Michael said...

You make me sad