David Crowder Band: Remedy

This last Tuesday, the new David Crowder Band album, Remedy, released. I am a HUGE fan of the DCB. I find their music to be innovative and their lyrics tend to cut to my heart like no other band. I have literally listened to nothing else but the Remedy album all week this week. It's truly incredible!

Most worhip albums you buy contain a few songs that you listen to and think, "Wow, that was a nice song. We need to add that to the line-up at church." Remedy has 10 songs that are all great, but the thing that has struck me the most this week is this thought that I am listening to the future of worship music. Crowder masterfully blends rock, pop, electronica, and worship in a way that no one else has before or can. I have heard some electronica or techno offerings in the past and they came off at most like an interesting novelty (including Crowder's own remix albums), but when you listen to even the most innovative stuff on Remedy, you can hear them being done in a church worship setting. In fact, I have felt myself hungering to hear this stuff in church! Churches everywhere are going to start looking for musicians who have talent in DJing, MIDI, keyboard programming, etc... Everyone these days has the typical guitar-bass-drum-keyboard band. The DCB has raised the bar (thank God, it's about time!) and will send us all scrambling to do the same. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT CD!

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